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EQUIPO, believes in being unique and original and thus brings out activities which are unexpected, but undoubtedly exiting, mentally stimulating and at the end of the day, bringing everyone together as one big and amazing team.


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Drum Circle

The Drum Circle is one of the most creative and fun team building activities that promote camaraderie, confidence and bonding among the participating group. 

brain teaser

The Brain Teaser

This activity goes through various stages of brain testing, mind squeezing puzzles and mysteries which puts to test the participants critical, logical and creative thinking to bring out the joy in winning together as a Big Brain.

jet set go

Jet Set Go

Every team building activity provides a platform for a group to build a compact foundation of purpose, faith and rapport. Jet Set Go is such an activity that encourages problem solving among teams.

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Corporate team building activities have proven to boost motivation and productivity at work spaces globally. Equipo implements result oriented team building activities that improve planning, communication, problem solving, leadership and conflict resolution in an organization. These fun and motivational activities help employees discover the implications of team work and facilitate a positive and efficient work sphere.

Not only do these activities encourage employee engagement but also provide an opportunity for employees to release stress, have fun and bond among themselves. Equipo’s specially designed team building activities are highly energetic and engaging. Participants are introduced to the many positive facets of team work, effective communication and the joy of achieving excellence at work through effective communication and thinking out of the box.

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