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Corporate team building activities have proven to boost motivation and productivity at work spaces globally. Equipo Consultancy implements result oriented team building activities that improve planning, communication, problem solving, leadership and conflict resolution in an organization. These fun and motivational activities help employees discover the implications of team work and facilitate a positive and efficient work sphere.

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

Not only do these activities encourage employee engagement but also provide an opportunity for employees to release stress, have fun and bond among themselves. Equipo’s specially designed team building activities are highly energetic and engaging. Participants are introduced to the many positive facets of team work, effective communication and the joy of achieving excellence at work through effective communication and thinking out of the box.

Equipo professionals bring their experience in various fields of expertise as a part of its active and consulting team. Besides the team bonding experience being unique and original it is exciting and mentally stimulating. We understand that at the end of the day our goal is to bring everyone together as one big and amazing team.

Employees tend to be more creative and innovative in a friendly work environment. They are driven to bring out the best in them when work place collaborations are comfortable. Our activities are also the ways to understand the differences between “teamed” together to finish a job and “teaming up” to excel in a job. Equipo instills the virtues of success and celebration of working together as an unstoppable cohesive team with our simple and effective team building program.

Why Equipo?

Equipo’s creative and ergonomic ideas are customized to bring out the best result oriented team building activities. It is not just about work, it is about a passion that builds Equipo; the constant vision of building a workspace with effective team work towards a more positive lifestyle. Through constant research and development Equipo professionals work passionately to building a friendly, efficient and productive workspace in an organization.

Be it a convention filled with 2000 people or a small group of 50 for a fun day out, Equipo has a brilliant array of games, activities and events custom catered for every organization. We design team building activities alongside you and are dedicated to building a strong culture of team work and establish a long term foundation of trust and collaboration amongst the employees.

Our Desire to spread our belief that every success is an outcome of an excelled teamwork and its dynamics through great Leadership & amity, has driven us to create these Corporate Team Building Activities for your Company. Our corporate team building activities help employees understand the dynamics of team work and effective communication to bring out the best in every organization. Thus, Equipo is here to offer you relaxation, fun, motivation and knowledge driven corporate team building activities to ensure that your company paves its way to success through self-driven, happy and committed employees.


Customizing & executing extraordinary team building activities requires experience, expertise & a caring team who can understand your needs & outcomes and deliver accordingly. From conceptualizing the activities & executing it on the day of the event, our team will be there at your side every step of the way to ensure that the activities run smoothly.

Our Teams Core Belief – Optimism means expecting the best, but Confidence means having a step by step plan to deliver the best.

Our team consists of people from hands on wood working guys to corporate trainers to hard core businessmen.  We will make sure that you will get more than you expect.

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